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Upgrades & Downgrades for SaaS Products

Upgrades & Downgrades

Using our SaaS Insights app metrics to track upgrades and downgrades, you can see exactly what plans are causing the most downgrades, so you can take action and make that plan better.

You can also see which plans are causing the most upgrades, so you can take advantage and learn what appeals to your customers most.

Reasons users may downgrade plans:

  • The plan is too expensive
  • Not enough features worth staying on that plan
  • No benefits to being on the plan

SaaS Insights includes:

  • Downgrades
  • Upgrades
  • Plan conversion rate
  • Plan churn rate

What can I do to get users to upgrade plans?

Give better features & benefits

This one is pretty obvious! But is there anything else you can give your customers if they upgrade? You need to make sure it’s worth it for them to upgrade. Think of some appealing benefits that your customers need.

Connect with user’s emotions

You can always use stories to connect with people. For example, you can create a video advertisement showing the pain points of their problems that your SaaS solves.

Show how your SaaS will make their lives easier, better, or make more money.

Try using testimonials from other customers.

Create upgrade deals

There are many upgrade deals you can offer:

  • 6 months at 20% off
  • Invite a friend, and both of you get 30% of for 3 months
  • Give them a timeframe to grab the deal. examples – 24 hours left, summer sale, Black Friday deal

How to prevent users from downgrading plans

It’s going to be nearly impossible to stop everyone from downgrading. You will always have a select few who just can’t do it anymore or cannot afford it.

The best thing you can do is give them as much value as possible. Show them why they need to stay on the plan. Different methods:

  • Use stories that ring with their emotions
  • Make sure that you make it clear how to use the SaaS and the features. Write tutorials and film video walkthroughs.

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