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Track Shopify App Store Page Views & Installs

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For Shopify Partners, understanding how users interact with your app on the Shopify App Store is crucial for growth and improvement. SaaS Insights offers a comprehensive toolset that integrates with Google Analytics and Shopify data to track page views, app installs and much more. 

Setting Up SaaS Insights

Before you can dive into the analytics, you need to integrate SaaS Insights with your Shopify App and Google Analytics account. This process ensures that SaaS Insights can retrieve data from the Shopify App Store related to your app’s performance. If you haven’t done this yet, follow our detailed Google Analytics setup guide.

Understanding Your App’s Performance

With SaaS Insights, tracking and understanding your app’s performance becomes straightforward. The platform provides detailed insights into various aspects of your app’s interaction with users.

Tracking Page Views and Installs

Page Views and Install Button Clicks: See how many visitors are viewing your app’s page and clicking the install button. 

Verified Installs: Beyond clicks, verified installs give you a clear picture of how many users are actually installing your app. 

Analyzing Performance with Charts

SaaS Insights offers charts that summarize your app’s page views, install button clicks and verified installs. You can view these metrics as daily, weekly, or monthly values.

Screenshot of Page Views & Installs analytics page

Deep Dive Analytics

For those looking to understand their app’s performance in the Shopify App Store in greater detail, the SaaS Insights Page Views & Installs Deep Dive section has you covered. 

It includes:

  • Search Keywords: Discover what search terms users are typing to find your app and how these searches translate into page views.
  • Search Position: Learn where your app ranks in search results for specific keywords and how this positioning affects user interaction. Checkout our Keyword Tracking tool to track the ranking of your (and others) app over time for specific keywords.
  • Installation Rate by Keyword: Understand which search terms are most effective at leading to app installs.
  • Category Performance: See how your app is performing in different Shopify App Store categories.
Screenshot of deep dive table for Shopify App page views and installs. Displays average position in app store listings and app install rate.

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