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Introducing SaaS Insights Improved Shopify App Trial Metrics

shopify app trial metrics

We’re excited to share that SaaS Insights now offers enhanced insights into trial users of your Shopify apps. Thanks to valuable feedback from our customers, we’ve recognized a widespread desire for increased visibility into the trial phase of apps from the Shopify App Store.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new in this update:

Active, Converted, and Cancelled Trials

With this latest enhancement, we’ve overhauled our backend architecture to improve how we identify the status of a subscription, including whether it is in a trial phase.

Previously, SaaS Insights depended on payment transactions to ascertain a trial’s status. Now, we’ve shifted to monitoring subscription events. This change allows us to more precisely track the status of a trial, identifying whether it is active (ongoing), cancelled (for instance, if the app is uninstalled), or has transitioned into a paid subscription.

The pages for Active, Converted, and Cancelled Trials have been updated to enable you to view detailed lists of all trials within these categories, facilitating your analysis.

Example of Active Trails over time
Example of Active Trails over time
Example of current active (in progress) trials
Example of current active (in progress) trials

How to Access This Feature

To leverage this new feature, we ask users to specify the trial period for each of their plans. You can provide this information by visiting any of the three updated pages mentioned above and clicking the provided link, or by going directly to the Settings > App Trial Information page.

This enhancement is available to all users on the Metrics Plan, as well as those within their 14-day free trial period.

If you’re not yet a SaaS Insights user, you can register for a 14-day free trial to experience these new capabilities firsthand.

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