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Partnership with EpsiFund

Partnership with EpsiFund 3

SaaS Insights has partnered with EpsiFund to help Shopify app developers grow their businesses.

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About EpsiFund

EpsiFund provide analytical, marketing and financial support to Shopify app developers by providing access to a variety of products:

  • Funding
  • Business Valuation
  • Shopify Ads Service
  • AppStore Research
  • Payout Advance

These tools are designed to speed up development, boost your marketing to fuel growth, assess your business worth, and more.

Partnership with EpsiFund

The SaaS Insights Partnership

We’re on a mission to help Shopify app developers get the information they need to grow their businesses.

SaaS Insights provides the crucial metrics and analytics that underpins the growth of your Shopify app. The monthly recurring revenue (MRR), the annual run rate (ARR), the churn. The nitty gritty details that you need to move forward with success.

By partnering with EpsiFund, we hope to provide you with a pathway to take these insights to the next level.

Whether it’s funding support to speed up development, marketing and ads services to boost your revenue, or app store research to better understand what features to build next, EpsiFund can help.

Check out what Epsifund has to offer your business.

The SaaS Insights Guarantee

While we are excited to offer you this partnership with EpsiFund, SaaS Insights provides the guarantee that:

  • SaaS Insights does not share any of your information.
  • EpsiFund are not aware of your financial position.
  • SaaS Insights may gain affiliate commission for this referral.

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