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Understanding User Churn Rate on SaaS Insights for Shopify Partners

user churn rate

Introduction to User Churn Rate

Understanding and analyzing metrics is crucial for Shopify App Developers, and the User Churn Rate is among the most significant metrics to track.

The User Churn Rate metric measures the percentage of customers who have stopped using an app over the last 30 days. It indicates the number of users who have uninstalled the app within this timeframe.

This method offers a clear view of the app’s performance in retaining users, providing a measurable goal for app developers to reduce churn and increase user satisfaction.

How We Calculate User Churn Rate

The calculation of User Churn Rate is straightforward, it’s determined by dividing the number of users who have uninstalled the app over a 30-day period by the total number of users at the beginning of this period.

More Insights and Metrics

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