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Our Features

A complete list of features available with SaaS Insights

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Metrics Plan

The following features are included on our base Metrics Plan.

Activity Search

Search app activity such as installs, uninstalls, subscriptions and cancellations for any or all customers.

Customer Profile

Current subscription, historical subscriptions, total revenue and timeline for any customer.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) measures predictable monthly income from 30-day subscriptions.

MRR Growth Rate

MRR Growth Rate measures the growth rate of MRR over time.

Annual Revenue

Annual Revenue measures the total revenue received from subscriptions on an annual billing cycle.

Annual Run Rate (ARR)

Annual Run Rate (ARR) measures the total amount of revenue from annual and monthly subscribers.

Life Time Value (LTV)

LTV estimates total revenue from a customer.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is used to measure the amount of revenue per subscription.

Active Subscriptions

Active Subscriptions measures the current total number of paying customers.

Total Users

Total amount of active users over a period of time.

New Subscriptions

New Subscriptions measures the total number of new paid subscriptions.


The total number of times the app has been installed.


The number of times the app has been uninstalled.

Installs v Uninstalls

Installs v Uninstalls measures the user churn of an app.

Usage Charges

Usage Charge measures the total number of one-off usage related payments made by a store.

Active Trials

Active Trials shows all current stores that are within the trial period for a plan.

Converted Trials

Converted Trials shows all current stores that have completed the trial period and continued on a paid subscription.

Cancelled Trials

Cancelled Trials is a metric which measure the current total of cancelled trials.

Shopify Fees

Fees charged when total revenue has exceeded $1 million USD.

Reopened Stores

Reopened Stores measures the total number of Shopify stores reopened with your app installed.

Closed Stores

Closed Stores measures the total number of Shopify stores that have closed with your app installed.

Revenue Churn

Percentage of revenue lost over a rolling 30-day period.

User Churn

Percentage of users who have uninstalled the app over a rolling 30-day period.

User Management

Manage unlimited SaaS Insights user accounts for individuals in your team.

Metrics & Analytics Plan

Our Metrics & Analytics Plan includes ALL features from the Metrics Plan plus the following features.

Page Views & Installs

Page views & installs of your app from the Shopify App Store including data on searched keywords.

Keyword Tracking

Track any (your and competitors) apps ranking for specific keywords within the Shopify App Store.

Customer Reviews

Identify when, who and what rating your customers have reviewed your app.

Top Referrers

Top websites sending traffic to your application including by breakdown by country.

Category Rank Tracker

Track your apps ranking within the Shopify App Store categories.

App History

Track your apps ratings and review history.

Competitor Analysis

Track your competitors apps category ranking, review and ratings history.