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The detailed metrics & analytics you've always wanted from your Shopify Partners dashboard

Maximize Your Shopify Apps Potential with SaaS Insights: The ultimate toolkit for Shopify Partners and developers, delivering unparalleled metrics and analytics from the Shopify App Store. Kickstart your day with the revamped Shopify Partners Dashboard. Level up your Shopify SaaS and maximize revenue.

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Beautiful Charts
Detailed Metrics
Amazing Analytics
Data Explorer
Discover our visually captivating report charts, transforming historical trends into a clear and beautiful narrative. Easily explore months and years of data for informed decision-making and business success.
Access powerful metrics to uncover opportunities, pinpoint pain points, and gain deeper insights into your customers' journey, enabling informed decision-making for business growth.
Providing Shopify partners with comprehensive analytics, offering data on page views, installs, top referrers, category ranking, app history, keyword tracking and competitor analysis for strategic optimization in the Partner App Store.
Keep a close eye on how your apps are ranking for specific keywords. Even better, track how your competitors are ranking. Stay ahead of the competition with our keyword monitoring.
Leverage our reports to forecast future trends from rich historical data. Unlock insights, plan strategically, and stay ahead with confidence. Data-driven forecasting for your business success.
Discover the power of our versatile Data Explorer to generate your own reports effortlessly. Create detailed reports based on plan, installation date, customer reviews, and much more. Take control of your data and tailor it to fit your business needs. Easily save or download your custom reports.
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Learn why your customers cancel

Start collecting valuable feedback in minutes. Learn where you're losing revenue with a sophisticated breakdown of cancellation reasons.

Discover your customers' journey

Follow your customers path and interaction with your apps, including install and uninstall dates, plan history and more.

Understand MRR and growth rate

Track over time to pinpoint factors that influence revenue and growth.

Track trial conversions

Monitor how many customers convert from trial and the plans they choose. See predicted growth from trial conversion.

Shopify Apps Store Analytics

Track your apps in the Shopify App Store with analysis on page views, installs, top referrers, category ranking and the app history.

Competitive Analysis

Track your competitors in the Shopify App Store. Stay informed about their changes to avoid surprises.

Slack & Email Notifications

Receive Slack & email alerts for customer cancellations, installations, uninstalls & other events related to your app.

Safe & Secure

We know how important your data is. We store your data securely and will never share it with any third parties.

User Management

Manage unlimited SaaS Insights user accounts for individuals in your team.

Build Custom Reports

Generate custom reports based on plan, trial status, customer country, and more. Save or download your tailored reports with ease.

Plus much more!

Check out our complete list of features to see what else you get with SaaS Insights.

Your new Shopify Partners dashboard

Use SaaS Insights next generation Shopify Partner Dashboard for invaluable metrics for real-time visualisations of what's going on with your customers and revenue. Get more, discover more and do more so you can take control of your business growth. Get quick access to the metrics that matter most to you.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

SaaS Insights has been a revelation! At Report Toaster, we are all about the data, and SI provides plenty of that and more. They have been very receptive to input and a joy to work with.

There was a huge need for a tool like theirs in the Shopify app developer community and they have filled that need. Excited to see where they take it from here. Well done!

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Sam Sesti


Payment frequency
Pay annually and you'll receive two months free!


$30 USD / month $300 USD / year

Track the key metrics you need to grow your business

  • Track metrics (MRR, ARR, ARPU, Subscribers, Installers, Uninstalls, Usage Charges, Trials etc.)
  • Discover your customers' journey
  • Quick view & deep dive into your apps events
  • Unlimited apps (limited to one Shopify Partner account)
  • Complete list of all features on the Metrics plan
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Metrics & Analytics


$50 USD / month $500 USD / year

Track all the key metrics and analytics from the Shopify App Store

  • Everything in the Metrics plan
  • Monitor app presence in the Shopify store
  • App listing analytics and history
  • App store keyword rankings
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Unlimited apps (limited to one Shopify Partner account)
  • Complete list of all features on the Metrics & Analytics plan
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