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How To Improve Retention Rate

Small things to try

  1. Minimize the activation time to get set up
  2. Live chat support
  3. Help articles & videos
  4. Free trial/free plan
  5. Stay transparent
  6. Listen to your feedback

Same-day uninstalls

Usually this is due to an onboarding process not being good enough, people might be getting to overwhelmed or confused or marketing to the wrong people.

  1. Have an easy onboarding process
  2. Offer quick support
  3. Great tutorials

Longer term uninstalls

  1. In-app banners & emails to inform about new features
  2. Lock them in with features or deals customised built for them
  3. Educate customers about the app
  4. Try to understand and get feedback from the customer
  5. Create customer loyalty program

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