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How to track installs clicks on your Shopify App with GA4

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Google Analytics

If you already have a Google Analytics account, property and / or data stream you will be able to skip some steps.

1. Log In To Your Google Analytics Account

Go to and log in with your Google account.

2. Create Web Stream

Enter in your Shopify apps URL and give it a name. Then click Create Stream.

screenshot of create web stream form

3. Measurement ID

Take note of the Measurement ID as that’s the value we need to supply to Shopify via the Partner portal.

screenshot showing measurement id

4. API Secret

From that page we also need to get the API Secret. This can be created by clicking on Measurement Protocol API secret.

screenshot of api secret creation link

5. Create API Secret

You may first need to Review and accept the terms.

screenshot of review terms button

Then, click the Create button.

screenshot of create button

Then give the API Key a nickname like “Shopify App Listing”, then click Create.

screenshot of for allowing a nickname to be assigned to api secret

Now take note of the secret value (aka API Secret) as we’ll need it later.

screenshot showing api secret value

6. Add Custom Definitions

We use custom definitions to provide you even more data like which store was accessing your application.

To do this, firstly click on the cog to go back to the the main admin page.

cog screenshot

Then click Custom Definitions.

Screenshot showing Custom definitions location in Admin

Now click Create custom dimension

Create custom dimension button screenshot for Google Analytics

Enter “shop_id” into both Dimension name and Event parameter fields and then click Save.

Screenshot showing new custom dimension creation form

For more information about these custom dimensions, see Shopify’s documentation.

You should now see all four Custom Definitions.

Screenshot showing custom definitions list

If you only have one Shopify App, then you can go to the Shopify Partner Portal steps.

7. Setting a goal

Add shopify_app_install as a key event to track conversions.

Screenshot showing key events in GA4

Shopify Partner Portal

We now want to provide the Google Analytics data stream Measurement ID for each app to Shopify.

1. Log into the Shopify Portal

Log in via

2. Open your app

Choose Apps from the left menu.

Apps link in sidebar

Then choose your app.

Individual App link

Then click the Distribution in the left menu.

Distribution sidebar link

Then click the Manage Listing button

3. Enter Google Analytics Information

Then scroll down to the Tracking Information section and enter your Measurement ID and API Secret into the corresponding fields. Then scroll down and click Save & Publish.

Form to enter Google Analytics tracking information


Now you are all set up to track page views and conversions.

Using SaaS Insights

Looking at the reports in GA can be confusing, SaaS Insights can make it easier for you. We use the GA API to gather your page views, installs and other insights and present them to you in a easy to understand way.

SaaS Insights page views and installs dashboard

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