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App Store Analytics vs SaaS Insights: Analytics Tool for Shopify App Developers (App Store Analytics alternative)

App Store Analytics vs SaaS Insights2

For Shopify app developers, choosing the right analytics tool is crucial for optimizing performance and driving growth. While App Store Analytics and SaaS Insights both offer valuable features, SaaS Insights emerges as the superior choice for several compelling reasons.

Comprehensive Analytics with SaaS Insights

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1. Broader Scope of Metrics and Analytics

SaaS Insights provides a holistic view of your app’s performance, integrating data from multiple sources to give a comprehensive understanding of your business. It covers metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Annual Run Rate (ARR), User Churn and LifeTime Value (LTV), which are essential for understanding long-term growth and profitability.

Additionally SaaS Insights provides app store performance metrics, including page views and installs, keyword tracking, top referrers and competitor tracking.

In contrast, App Store Analytics focuses primarily on app store performance. While incredibly useful information, it lacks the indepth financial and customer journey information that is so crucial to understanding how keyword rankings, app stor listings and competitor performance affects your bottom line.

2. Detailed Financial Insights

Understanding your app’s financial health is crucial. SaaS Insights excels in providing detailed financial metrics, including:

  • MRR Growth Tracking: Monitor your recurring revenue growth.
  • Trial Conversions: Analyze how trials convert to paying customers.
  • Churn Analysis: Identify and address the reasons for customer churn.

App Store Analytics offers basic revenue tracking but does not delve into detailed financial metrics critical for SaaS businesses.

3. Customization

SaaS Insights allows for highly customizable data analysis and reports, with a fully controllable data explorer feature. This flexibility enables developers to tailor their analytics to specific business needs and streamline workflows.

App Store Analytics, while offering useful ASO tools and app store-specific data, lacks the extensive customization options that SaaS Insights provides.

4. Customer Journey Insights

Understanding the customer journey from acquisition to retention is vital for improving user experience and increasing revenue. SaaS Insights provides in-depth customer journey analytics, helping developers understand user behavior, identify pain points, and optimize the customer experience across all touchpoints.

App Store Analytics focuses more on the app store listing and initial acquisition metrics, missing out on the comprehensive journey insights provided by SaaS Insights.

5. Competitive Pricing with More Value

SaaS Insights offers competitive pricing with plans that deliver extensive value. Starting at $30 per month, developers get access to a wide range of metrics and insights that go beyond basic app store data. The higher-tier plan at $50 per month includes both metrics and advanced analytics and reporting features.

App Store Analytics’ pricing starts at $29 per month for tracking up to 3 apps and goes up to $99 per month for up to 15 apps, focusing primarily on ASO and app store performance, which may not justify the cost compared to the broader capabilities of SaaS Insights.


While both App Store Analytics and SaaS Insights offer useful tools for Shopify app developers, SaaS Insights stands out as the better choice for its comprehensive metrics, detailed financial insights, customizable reports, and robust integration capabilities. By providing a broader and deeper understanding of your app’s performance and user behavior, SaaS Insights equips developers with the necessary tools to drive growth and optimize their business effectively.

Explore the full potential of SaaS Insights and take your Shopify app to new heights by leveraging the power of comprehensive analytics.

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