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Introducing our new Metrics & Analytics plan

Introducting our new Metrics & Analytics plan banner

We are thrilled to announce a significant stride in our commitment to empower you with the data required for your Shopify Apps success within the Shopify App Store. Presenting our latest offering, the Metrics & Analytics plan, delivering comprehensive insights to propel your apps to new heights in the Shopify App Store. You can now access our advanced Analytics tools designed to provide a in depth understanding of your app’s performance.

Key features of our Analytics tools, seamlessly integrated with Google Analytics, include:

  • Page Views: Track the visibility of your app in the Shopify App Store.
  • Install Button Clicks: Gain insights into the number of clicks on your app’s install button, with a correlation to completed installations.
  • Listing Position: Understand the historical and current placement of your app within its categories.
  • Referrers: Identify the sources driving traffic to your app—whether it’s from Google searches, ads, or other channels.
  • Ratings: Monitor your app’s ratings over time, allowing you to discern trends and make informed adjustments.
  • Reviews: Keep track of review volumes, addressing any fluctuations over time.
  • Competitor Analysis: Stay informed about your competitors’ positions, ratings, and reviews, providing valuable insights into their success or challenges.
  • Keyword Performance: Assess the performance of your app and competitors for specific keywords.

How much does the Metrics & Analytics plan cost?

Our new Metrics & Analytics plan is available at $50 per month (USD) or $500 per year (USD). This plan includes all features from the Metrics plan, in addition to the newly introduced analytics features. These prices won’t last long!

Existing customers via your Plans & Billing page.

The Metrics & Analytics plan features are accessible during the 14-day Free Trial period. Following the trial, a subscription to the Metrics & Analytics plan is required to retain functionality.

What’s on the horizon?

We are continually working on exciting new ideas to enhance your experience. Check out our changelog for recent releases and explore key planned features from your dashboard when logged in. Have suggestions or feedback? Connect with us today—we value your input!

Happy exploring!

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