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SaaS Insights vs. Baremetrics: Your choice in Metrics & Analytics Tool for Shopify App Developers [Baremetrics alternative]

Choosing the right Shopify App analytics and metrics tracking service is crucial for developers and business owners. Today, we delve into why SaaS Insights stands out when compared to Baremetrics.

Designed Exclusively for Shopify Partners

Unlike Baremetrics, which serves a broad range of digital businesses by integrating with multiple third-party services like Shopify Partners, SaaS Insights zeroes in exclusively on Shopify Partners. This focus is a significant advantage as it allows SaaS Insights to cater specifically to the unique needs and challenges of Shopify App developers. SaaS Insights’ specialization ensures that features and functionalities are tailored to enhance the Shopify ecosystem, providing more relevant and actionable insights for users.

Superior Metrics Tracking Adapted to Shopify’s Unique System

SaaS Insights not only tracks standard metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) but also aligns its tracking capabilities with Shopify’s specific billing and payment schedules. This alignment with Shopify’s unique system ensures that the data provided is both accurate and highly relevant to Shopify developers, enabling better decision-making and strategy development.

Screenshot displaying MRR and links to all other metrics

Analytics Integrations with the Shopify App Store

One of the standout features of SaaS Insights is its analytics integrations specific to the Shopify App Store, which Baremetrics does not offer. SaaS Insights provides access to metrics including Page Views, Install Button Clicks, Keyword Tracking, and Category Rank Tracking. These features are particularly valuable for app developers looking to optimize their visibility and performance within the Shopify ecosystem.

Screenshot showing Shopify App Store keyword tracking

Cost-Effective Pricing Structure

Pricing is a crucial consideration for any business, and here SaaS Insights significantly undercuts Baremetrics. While Baremetrics’ pricing is dependent on the monthly recurring revenue of the apps, starting at $129 USD per month for $0 MRR, SaaS Insights offers its comprehensive top plan, Metrics & Analytics, at a flat rate of just $50 USD per month. This pricing model makes SaaS Insights not only more affordable but also more predictable compared to the varying scales of Baremetrics.

Personalized Customer Experience

The team behind SaaS Insights may be small, but it packs a punch in delivering personalized onboarding experiences and service. Being a two-person team means that when you talk to us, you’re directly engaging with decision-makers who have the power to achieve immediate and necessary changes based on your feedback. This close-knit interaction ensures that every user’s experience is front and center, with support that is both intimate and impactful.

Getting Started with SaaS Insights

To experience first-hand how SaaS Insights can transform your Shopify App’s performance and growth, we invite you to start with our 14-day free trial. Sign up today at and take your Shopify App to the next level with dedicated analytics and metrics that truly understand and enhance your business dynamics.

Screenshot showing example of Shopify Partner Dashboard designed specially for Shopify App Developers

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