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SaaS Insights, A Shopify Devs Best Metrics & Analytics Tool

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Shopify Partners seeking a powerful tool to enhance your Shopify App Store performance should look no further than SaaS Insights – the ultimate cost effective solution for Shopify Partners wanting to monitor app metrics.

Unlock Essential Metrics for Success

SaaS Insights streamlines your analytics journey, providing vital metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Active Subscriptions, Active Trials, Installs, Uninstalls and Installation Churn. Tailored specifically for Shopify Partners, this tool organizes crucial data, ensuring swift decision-making for your app strategies.

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Enhance App Visibility with Precision Analytics

Track your app’s visibility effortlessly with features like Page Views, offering a clear snapshot of its performance in the Shopify App Store. Dive deeper into user behavior with Install Button Clicks, correlating clicks to completed installations. Historical insights into your Listing Position enable you, as a Shopify Partner, to refine strategies for maintaining or improving your app’s standing in its categories.

Optimize Marketing Efforts with Referrers

Identify the sources driving traffic to your app using Referrers – whether it’s from Google searches, ads or other channels. SaaS Insights empowers you, the Shopify Partner, to optimize marketing efforts effectively, ensuring your app reaches its target audience. Monitor your app’s Ratings and Reviews over time to stay ahead of trends and promptly address fluctuations in user sentiment.

Strategic Edge with Competitor Analysis

Take your competitive intelligence to the next level with SaaS Insights. As a Shopify Partner, stay informed about your competitors’ positions, ratings, and reviews, gaining valuable insights into their success or challenges. And stay tuned for our upcoming Keyword Performance feature, designed to help Shopify Partners assess their app’s standing and competitors for specific keywords.

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SaaS Insights provides key business metrics and analytics to drive the growth of your Shopify App. Learn why your customers cancel, what drives revenue and identify trends over time to make data-driven decisions.

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