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State Of the Shopify App Store – June 2024

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As of June 2024, the Shopify App Store continues to be a vibrant ecosystem supporting e-commerce businesses around the globe. This platform’s success is fueled by a diverse array of app developers contributing from numerous countries, offering a rich variety of tools and services to enhance the functionality of Shopify stores. Let’s take a closer look at the current state of the Shopify App Store and explore the contributions of different countries to this dynamic marketplace.

CountryTotal Apps (15,684)%
Shopify App Store countries as of June 2024.

The Leading Contributors

United States

Unsurprisingly, the United States remains the dominant force in the Shopify App Store. With 3,608 apps, the U.S. accounts for 26.8% of the total apps available. This leadership can be attributed to the country’s robust tech industry, entrepreneurial spirit, and the presence of numerous innovative startups that continually develop and improve e-commerce solutions.


India secures the second position with 1,612 apps, representing 11.97% of the total. The rapid growth of the tech sector in India, combined with a strong emphasis on software development and IT services, has made it a significant player in the global Shopify ecosystem. Indian developers are known for their versatility and cost-effective solutions, which appeal to a wide range of Shopify merchants.

United Kingdom and Canada

The United Kingdom (829 apps, 6.16%) and Canada (804 apps, 5.97%) follow, showcasing their advanced tech industries and strong presence in the e-commerce landscape. Canada’s close association with Shopify, headquartered in Ottawa, is particularly noteworthy, contributing to its significant app development activity.

Emerging Markets and Their Contributions


Vietnam has made a notable impact with 481 apps (3.57%). The country’s growing tech industry and increasing number of skilled developers have positioned it as a key player in the Shopify App Store. Vietnamese developers often focus on creating innovative and affordable solutions that cater to a global audience.

Japan and China

Japan and China, with 404 apps (3%) and 399 apps (2.96%) respectively, highlight the increasing importance of the Asia-Pacific region in the e-commerce space. Both countries boast advanced technological capabilities and a strong focus on innovation, driving the development of unique and sophisticated Shopify apps.

European Influence

Germany and France

Germany (362 apps, 2.69%) and France (318 apps, 2.36%) are leading contributors from Europe. These countries have well-established tech industries and a strong emphasis on quality and reliability, which is reflected in the high standards of their Shopify apps.

Netherlands and Israel

The Netherlands (276 apps, 2.05%) and Israel (275 apps, 2.04%) also make significant contributions. Known for their innovative approaches and tech-savvy populations, these countries are home to many startups that create cutting-edge solutions for Shopify merchants.

Noteworthy Mentions

Hong Kong, Singapore, and Pakistan

Hong Kong (261 apps, 1.94%), Singapore (217 apps, 1.61%), and Pakistan (176 apps, 1.31%) are important contributors from Asia. These regions are known for their entrepreneurial spirit and growing tech ecosystems, which are fostering a new wave of app development for the Shopify platform.

Emerging European Markets

Countries like Poland (110 apps, 0.82%), Ukraine (102 apps, 0.76%), and Estonia (101 apps, 0.75%) are becoming increasingly prominent in the Shopify App Store. These nations offer a blend of high technical expertise and competitive pricing, making them attractive locations for app development.


The Shopify App Store’s landscape as of June 2024 highlights the global nature of the e-commerce ecosystem. From the dominant presence of the United States and India to the rising contributions of Vietnam and other emerging markets, the diversity of app developers ensures a continuous influx of innovative solutions. This global collaboration not only enriches the Shopify platform but also empowers merchants worldwide to optimise and expand their online businesses. As we move forward, it will be exciting to see how these trends evolve and which new players will emerge in the Shopify App Store.

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