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Annual Revenue on SaaS Insights for Shopify Partners

annual revenue

For Shopify App Developers, tracking and understanding revenue metrics is crucial to the success and growth of your app. SaaS Insights offers a comprehensive analytics tool designed to provide valuable insights into your app’s financial performance. One of the key metrics featured on our platform is the Annual Revenue, also known as Annual Recurring Revenue. This article delves into what Annual Revenue is, its importance, and how it is calculated, providing you with a clear understanding of this vital metric.

What is Annual Revenue?

Annual Revenue measures the total recurring revenue generated from your customers over the past year, specifically from subscriptions that are billed on an annual basis. This excludes one-time payments or subscriptions with shorter billing cycles, such as monthly subscriptions.

How We Calculate Annual Revenue

Annual Revenue is calculated by summing up all the recurring revenue from customers within the last 12 months, provided the revenue is associated with an annual billing cycle. This calculation includes credits issued to customers and any plan downgrades, offering a realistic view of your actual revenue. While this might result in a figure that is lower than the total value of all active subscriptions, it presents a more accurate representation of the revenue your app is generating.

Screenshot of example Annual Revenue chart

Upcoming Feature: Active Subscriptions-Based Calculation

We are enhancing our calculation method for Annual Revenue. The future calculation will focus on Active Subscriptions rather than revenue received from transactions. This update is opt-in and aims to provide an alternate insight into your app’s revenue health by emphasizing the ongoing, active engagements rather than just financial transactions.

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