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Shopify Store Reopen


When a Shopify store closes, it isn’t necessarily the end. Many stores may pause their operations temporarily and then choose to reopen. An important feature of Shopify is that once these stores decide to resume, they can do so seamlessly, retaining all the apps they had installed before closing. This is where our Shopify Store Reopens metric in SaaS Insights comes into play. This metric helps you track how many stores have reopened with your app still installed.

When a store reopens with your app installed it’s possible that you may see the reactivation of a subscription. This metric can be an early indicator of potential new revenue.

From this page we also provide a handy “View Reopened Stores” button which will take you to a filtered Activity page showing all the reopened stores between your selected date range and optionally limited to an individual app.

SaaS Insights also tracks Shopify store closures.


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