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Track Your Shopify App’s Installs v Uninstalls

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A key dataset available on SaaS Insights is the Install vs Uninstall metric. This metric is calculated daily by subtracting the number of app uninstalls from the number of app installs. It serves as a quick snapshot of how your app is performing on any given day, allowing you to gauge user interest and retention.

Screenshot of Installs v Uninstalls chart

Why Track Install vs Uninstall?

Tracking the Install vs Uninstall metric is vital for several reasons:

  • User Retention Insight: This metric provides immediate feedback on how well your app retains users. A positive number indicates more installs than uninstalls, which is a good sign of user interest and potential app stickiness.
  • Trend Analysis: Over time, you can analyze this metric to identify trends. Are there certain days of the week where installs peak, or specific periods when uninstalls rise? Understanding these patterns can inform your marketing and update strategies.
  • Immediate Feedback on Changes: Whenever you release an update or change your marketing strategy, the Install vs Uninstall metric can offer quick insights into how those changes are affecting user behavior.
  • Identifying Problems: A sudden increase in uninstalls can be an early warning sign of issues with your app, whether they are technical glitches, user experience problems, or dissatisfaction with recent changes. This allows you to act quickly to address any issues.

Other Key Metrics Available

While the Install vs Uninstall metric offers valuable insights, it’s just one part of the picture. SaaS Insights also provides standalone metrics for installs, uninstalls and total users. These additional metrics allow for deeper analysis and understanding of your app’s performance and user engagement over time. 

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